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    Building Momentum into 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Sep 7, 2016 7:30:00 AM

    Many people have asked me what Fiber Mountain has been up to this year. Here is a look at the key highlights of the year so far, and what’s in store as we prepare for 2017:

    2016 Recognition

    First, we are very proud of the fact that we continue to be recognized as a provider of innovative data center solutions. In the first half of 2016, we have already earned awards for CrossCage Plus, the Glass Core automated cross-connect solution, and earned recognition from Gartner as a “Cool Vendor.”

    Our 2016 awards and recognition include:

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    Data Center or Network; Software-Defined is the Future - News of the Week, 7-15-16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 15, 2016 10:23:29 AM

    VMware pioneered the term “software-defined data center” (SDDC) as a way to refer to the virtualization of all of the hardware in the data center, not just servers. As useful as SDDC is, though, I think the phrase “data center” inherently narrows the view to a singular installation – a data center.

    Modern networks, however, can span multiple owned data centers (and closets or “edge data centers”) across the globe, as well as colocation and cloud resources. Over-used as the acronym “SDN” may be, the software-defined network is still our real goal – a coherent network where location is no longer a limiting factor, in which servers, storage, switches and even the physical connectivity between devices are virtualized and centrally orchestrated via software from anywhere in the world.

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