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Preparing Data Centers for the Future – News of the Week, 5/19/17

Posted by Anthea Strezze on May 19, 2017 6:17:00 AM
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IMG_2596.jpgWe had a great week at Interop ITX in Las Vegas, and Bill will be posting a summary soon. In the meantime, though, I hope you enjoy this roundup of my favorite articles of the week! As always, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for interesting commentary on the state of network and data center technology, with a focus on the new technologies and approaches that will be needed in the future.

Read on for more about IoT, data center infrastructure, and dynamic physical networks.

The Aha about the Internet of Things: is your Data Center Ready? 

IoT Agenda | Rado Danilak discusses the limitations of most “things” involved in IoT – namely, that their intelligence lies in the cloud, not within devices such as “smart” lightbulbs. Much of IoT is made up of devices that contain sensors of one kind or another, whether audio, video, or more physical data such as temperature and pressure.

The processing of all that IoT data takes place in data centers, whether on the edge or centralized, and in many cases, the responses of IoT devices are based on data traveling back to them from those data centers. It truly is an explosion of both data traffic volume and big data processing requirements, and data centers are going to be hard-pressed to keep up! Advances in energy efficiency, high-density fiber optics, and dynamic network architectures are all going to be essential over the next few years.

Aligned Brings its Intelligent Infrastructure Focus to Phoenix 

Data Center Frontier | Rich Miller goes in depth with Aligned Energy on what makes them different from other data center real estate companies. The key is to make efficient use of the space inside a building, with granular optimization of energy use and cooling. They also structure their facilities with a focus on providing flexibility to customers, allowing whatever mix of high-density and low-density racks fit the customer’s architecture best. I could quibble about their use of the word “intelligent”, since I generally associate that word with software management and dynamic interaction – but whatever you call it, they seem to be on a good path in terms of preparing for future demands.

Fiber Mountain Expands AllPath OPX Layer 1 Optical Path Exchange Family 

Press Release | It may be a little self-serving to feature our own press release in my news roundup, but Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core is one of the solutions I alluded to above. To some extent, we can extrapolate next year’s needs based on today’s challenges, but the pace of change in technology is accelerating.

In order to adapt to unforeseen challenges, network architectures need to become more dynamic, right down to the physical fiber optic connections and infrastructure. Click through to read more about our new AP-4100 series of OPX and the software-managed functionality introduced with AllPath Director release 3.0 – and stay tuned for more news as the year goes on!

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