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    Day 1, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 27, 2017 9:40:21 AM
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    LS-2520_IMG_2661-300px.jpgFiber Mountain is exhibiting at Cisco Live! In Las Vegas for the first time ever! Our first day was hugely successful from just about any perspective – from quantity and quality of booth visitors to successful meetings with customers.

    In 2016, we introduced to market the LS-2520 QSFP Breakout for the Cisco NCS 1002. This product was the lynchpin of a whole new product family for Fiber Mountain, the LS-Series of breakout boxes for single mode and multimode fiber networks.

    This product combination was front and center in our booth today generating interest from end users, resellers, and Cisco itself. We have several follow-up meetings scheduled, which delighted our team.

    Day 1 Survey Question

    In December 2016 at the Gartner Data Center Conference, Fiber Mountain started asking daily survey questions relevant to our market segment, with a blog post each day to share the results with our regular readers and new friends from the show. It was such a success that we’ve done the same for every show since!

    For our first day at Cisco Live! our survey question was: “Is your network moving to 40GbE, 100GbE or other? Why?”

    You might ask; what was my highest level take-away from the answers – the truth is, no one I spoke with is taking 25GbE seriously for deployment. There were some open discussions about potential cost and efficiency, but at the moment, 25GbE is a huge open question.

    All respondents are utilizing – or tracking to – mostly 40 GbE in their networks, with some 100GbE backbones and some 1GbE edge switches and servers. All but one of the people I talked to were certain that they will skip 25GbE completely, and that one is only considering 25GbE. This was a small surprise since there is so much talk about 25/100 GbE and Fiber Mountain just introduced our AP-4300 series Layer 1 SDN Optical Path Exchange supporting these data rates.

    So, who was the most unusual customer of the day? On day 1, we talked to a visitor from a cruise ship line that maintains dual data centers on each ship. Can you imagine two data centers on each cruise ship with 40 GbE between data centers and 10GbE devices attached to the network? Personally, I had no idea that a cruise ship could have a data center at all, let alone two high capacity/high speed data centers!

    Cisco Live! 2017

    Cisco Live! is one of those super-sized vendor-sponsored tradeshows that has changed the landscape of tradeshow and events over the past several years that I wrote about last year. The crowds are enthusiastic, excited about learning and hearing about new products, tools and announcements from both Cisco and the ecosystem at the event. Looking at the landscape of independent shows vs. vendor-sponsored shows, we have seen significant changes.

    Cisco Live is the largest event Fiber Mountain has participated in in our history, and our leads so far are high quality decision makers and influencers in their respective companies. It was also very clear that attendees include senior IT folks, company and market influencers, press, analysts and several ecosystem partners. These facts have impacted the tradeshow landscape and the challenges of corporate marketing departments evaluating where to spend marketing dollars.

    Day 1 Summary

    Our thanks go out to the Cisco Live! team for putting on a world-class event and allowing us to take part. Working with Cisco on our LS-2520+NCS 1002 solution has been a very positive experience. To share that solution as well as our entire Glass Core product range of SDN Orchestration Software, Fiber Port Aggregators and Optical Path Exchanges is an experience we will not soon forget.

    Today we will ask a new survey question in our booth, #423, and tomorrow there will be a new blog post to share our experiences with you. Sign up for Fiber Mountain Updates to get an email when the new blog goes up, and if you’re attending Cisco Live! this year (or have in the past), please share your favorite experiences in the comments below.

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