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    A Great Experience

    Posted by Sarah Delfino on May 11, 2018 4:15:16 PM
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    As I finish my final week here at Fiber Mountain, I have been reflecting on my first “adult job”. Growing up working in the food and beverage industry, working in an office gave me an unexpected jolt of culture shock. I couldn’t believe that socializing among coworkers didn’t warrant a sharp “get back to work!” I was absolutely floored that my boss even encouraged this behavior! Now I see that it’s a great way to build team spirit and encourage collaboration.IMG_20180511_145248

    Before working here, I thought you had to dislike your job. I assumed that the next 50 years of my life would be spent shuffling like a zombie to the end of the week, only to miraculously come back to life on Friday afternoons. My time here was spent with no shortage of laughter, but I have also witnessed unparalleled levels of hard work. During the winter holidays, I saw my coworkers working 60-80 hours a week. Even dinners and weekends were spent in the office to make sure we made our deadlines. Of course, dinner at the office wasn’t anyone’s first choice, but when you truly believe in a product or company, you do what you can to make things work.

    Each person I met here has taken time to get to know me and almost always has a vital piece of advice to bestow upon me. I have been so lucky to work at a company where so many people are willing to share their knowledge with others. I was never treated as lesser due to my age or lack of experience. Even on my first day, when I introduced myself as the new marketing intern, I was told not to use the word “intern” because it gave the impression that I was below others, which was not the case. I knew on that first day that my time here would be exceptional. When it comes to a career, these are some things one should look for in a company, especially for an entry-level position.

    Even now, as I prepare to graduate college and leave Fiber Mountain, my coworkers have nothing but positive wishes for me and my experiences down the road. I know that no matter where I end up in the future, I will always tell stories of my time here and the people I met, and I know that I will never settle for a job that I dread going to in the morning.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career and I am grateful to move forward with the invaluable life lessons and tips from my boss, Bill Miller, and my wonderful colleague, Anthea Strezze. I wouldn’t have the confidence to move forward without y’all’s wise words and I will miss our marketing meetings!